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We're serial entrepreneurs

Meet the team at Startup Vitamins

We’re a bunch of cool people who just really love doing what we do. Though we each do our own thing, we’re brought together by the one goal - to make a great product. High energy, youthful ideas, and constant innovation is what you’d feel if you hung around us. Not to mention the very international atmosphere - we have offices both in the US and Latvia (small country in Europe), with some Canadian elements here and there.

Years of experience

We're from the Draugiem Group (est. 2004), known for producing high-quality software solutions. See more of our projects at draugiemgroup.com
  • Lauris

    Lauris Liberts
    Our thinker

    Lauris is a through-and-through entrepreneur. Originally developing startups based in his home country of Latvia (see the DraugiemGroup - his legacy), and having developed the only European competitor of Facebook that's still locally dominant, Lauris has decided to expand his reach globally, developing startups based in California, including FriendlyBracelets, DeskTime, and more. Lauris' experience in startups has lead him to want to help others down the same road with his collected wisdom throughout the years.

  • Davis

    Davis Siksnans
    Our techster

    Davis is the biggest tech nerd you'll ever meet. In his early adolescence he would entertain himself by hacking into neighbours computers, just to "see how it works". He saved all of his allowance for his first big purchase - a mac computer - a decision he still doesn't regret. His love of technology has transformed into a desire to create top-quality internet products. This is one of the many projects Davis works with, and certainly not the last because you see, Davis is also fond of the startup culture.

  • Zane

    Zane Kokina
    Our Strategist

    The most organized person in the room – with her there's a place for everything and everything is in its place. Zane knows numbers, is a master in Excel and has the gift of immense organizational skills - must've been that study abroad program in Germany...

  • Raitis

    Raitis Purins
    Our Doer

    Raitis is our team leader. He's involved in every aspect of Startup Vitamins – managing projects from A to Z, making sure that our products are of the highest quality and that everything's running smoothly, and then some.